Self Evaluation

Hello friends, hope you all are fine and taking good care of yourselves. I am always excited when its time to share with you all. I want to share a little bit on self evaluation, hope you learn something from this writeup.

In simple words, self evaluation is looking at your progress or development and learning to determine what has improved and what areas still need improvement.

If you fail to make out time to evaluate your personal life, you would hardly know if you are progressing, regressing or on the same spot. You can evaluate yourself base on your plans and goals in life and see if things are working out well as planned, if you need to add more energy and time, if you need to slow down a bit or if you need to make adjustments on your initial plans. As an individual, I always make out time to evaluate every aspect of my life. During self evaluation, I see where I am lagging behind most especially and try to see what I can do to step up, if I cannot get a better way to do things, I go ahead and ask others for help, advice and solutions. I also do self evaluation and celebrate myself on any advancements made (I don’t joke when it comes to congratulating myself on a job well done. I will share about self acknowedgement in the days ahead).

A lot of us young people leave a free life in which we don’t even know what is happening to us, we care less about our advancement and just decide to take things as they come. Doing self evaluation is like examining your life. Socrates , a great philosopher once said ‘An unexamined life is not worth leaving’. The only way you can know what next step to take in life, is only when you make it a regular thing of always evaluating yourself. Until you take out time to evaluate yourself, you will not understand or know whether you have been wasting time on the same spot. If the big companies and organizations can make out time to do an evaluation, how much more of us as individuals.

If you want to see how much you have improved in life or what aspects of your life needs improvement, then do a self evaluation

If you want to know your weaknesses and strengths, then learn to always do a self evealuation.

If you want to know whether you are moving forward, moving backward or on the same spot, then do self evaluation.

If you want to know whether you are wasting your time or if you need to add more time on what you are doing , then learn to do self evaluation.

If you want to know if you need to make adjustments to your initial plan, then do a self evaluation .

In self evaluation, learn to be honest and truthful to yourself. Do not be scared of always given yourself a chance when you find out you are regressing and also applaud yourself when advancing. You might not know much of what is happening to your own self until you learn to self evaluate. Always ask yourself; where was I yesterday?, where am I today?, and where will I be or where do I want to be tomorrow?. If you ask yourselve these questions then you will know what you need to do to get to your tomorrow’s destination.

For those who always evaluate their lives, great job and continue to do so and to those who do not evaluate their lives, its never too late to make it a habit.

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Make Use of Every Opportunity

Hello friends its been a long time since we last engaged in our learning and sharing process. Today I will be sharing on an important aspects which will help us move smoothly as we journey together to the top.

Today I will be sharing on the topic ‘Make Use of Every Opportunity’. As young people we have the tendency of attaching more values to some opportunities and less values to others. we prepare our best for what we title mega opportunities and platforms while we give less attention to what we title minor opportunities and platforms. This is a habit that will make us loose the opportunity to move to another level in life. Every opportunity we have is for us to make the best out of it, we must therefore put in our best efforts when we get an opportunity to engage in activities. At times Opportunities came in disguised manner and we loose it because we are not patient enough to understand it. Words from Thomas A. Edison, I quote “Most people miss opportunity because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”. Remember every opportunity missed is gone for good and can never come back to you. Have you ever thought of where you would have been today if you made use of that opportunity you neglected some years back, I want you to give an answer to yourself.

Everything we do in life we should learn to do them in the best ways ever so as to get the best results ever.

Allow me share with you some tips on how to make use of every opportunity in life all to your advantage.

1)Value everything that comes your way no matter how it might look.

2)Be positive. What ever you do, have a positive mind set towards it, in that way you will put in your best because you have visualize a positive outcome.

3) Complain less. The lesser you complain in every task you get, the more you stand a chance of gaining trust and exposure to the next level.

4) Always ask how you can be of help, this will help you show case your expertise and gain more knowledge at every granted request.

5) Try new things. Do not be afraid of trying new things no matter how difficult they might look

There are many others to add to the list. The are many opportunities at our door step for us to make use of but we spend time focusing on the ones far away. We need to have a change in mindset to be able to achieve greater things.

How about putting this into practice and above all trusting in God and I am sure no opportunity will pass you by.

Have a plan

Hello friends its been a while and now am back with another interesting topic to help you navigate to the top. In the last write up i promised you our next topic will be on ” Have a plan” and today am here to fulfill my promise to you.

It is always important for us to have a life plan concerning our activities, is it our daily, weekly, monthly or yearly activities. Some of us are good in assisting people execute their plans but funny enough we have no personal plans.

Lets see the definition of the word plan: A plan is an intention or descision about what one is going to do at a particular time and place.

 Many times in our life we do not know what to do and when to do things, we end up wasting our day and even end up doing the wrong things. we seat and fold our arms for the day to take control and  we end up being driven by the Wind to an unkonwn direction, we end up spending time on social media making no good use of the platform. some of us seat and wait for Grace to locate us. A pastor once said Grace is useless when effort is Zero, this just means when Grace comes and  meet us without effort its wasted my dear friends.

What is funny about us Young people is that at times we donot even know what we want. if today you find yourself infront of this influetial person who can help guide you or lead you to success and you are asked a simple question as what do you want me to do for you?  how do you want me to help  you? trust me its either you remain speecless,confused or end up mixing words becaue you donot have a plan and even donot not know what you want. Remember a day wasted cannot be recovered and time waits for nobody but i assure you if you start now you can change alot of things. We need to make a plan, set our objectives and goals so we are not distracted from purpose.

i remember one day i decided to evaluate my day and see what i had achieved or what new thing i had learned for the day, belief me i had achieved or learnt nothing. just imagine if you spend ten hours of your time a day doing nothing, imagine how much time per week, month and even a year you have wasted, my friends you will feel like weeping.

I know its not easy to make a plan and follow it, the begining will always be difficult but once you make it a habit you become use to it.

Lets see some importance of having a plan in life

  1. A plan  helps you put things in other.
  2. A plan helps you to know where you are making mistakes and where you need to make some corrections
  3. A plan helps you to maintain balance in life.  
  4. A plan helps you clarify your most important priorities
  5. A  plan will empower you to identify and address your current realities
  6. A  plan helps you to evaluate yourself.
  7. A  plan will equip you to envision a better future
  8. A life plan will serve as a road map for accomplishing what matters most

There are many more reasons in addition to  the above.We need time to plan our lives carefully so we do not regret being the reasons for our own problems or set backs in life. 

Make a plan today, dedicate it to God  and leave life in an orderly manner.

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Family Background

Hello friends its been great joy to me moving along with you all. Today I will be sharing on the topic “Family Background” and it will be specific in correcting the thoughts we carry as young people that we cannot succeed in life because we come from families which are not on the top class.

Many young people have cultivated an attitude of blaming their family backgrounds to be the reason why they are not advancing or cannot advance in life. We have chosen to limit ourselves to certain levels in life because we think we are not meant for the top. The earlier we stop seeing life from that perspective and take a bold step to work harder the better for us.

Stop seeing your background as a source of frustration and instead it should be a source of encouragement for you to work. At least you were privilege to go to school and get to that level where your father or mother was not opportuned to, instead of sitting at home and complaining about current situations, you could invest that time and work to make your family proud, make your mother or father reference you for making him have a better life, go to places he had never been to before and many more. There is a situation for you to correct and do not let time pass without you correcting that situation.

I will always laugh when my mother says to me ” its because of you I had the opportunity to know how an airport looks like” it gives me great joy to know that am able to change some things in the family. I took it upon myself to make my parents happy instead of questioning things and putting no efforts to change them. My dear friends the fact that your family name is not among the list when it comes to successful people in your community,village or society does not mean it can never be there , you can work to put it there. Let people use your positive efforts to describe you family.

If you can take out time to visit some elderly persons in your community whom the society now looks up to them and ask them to share their stories with you, you will get to understand that it was never easy for them too but they were not discouraged, I remember this family in my church I admired so much, I will always look at them each time they walk into church for service on Sunday, they were always smiling and good looking. The day the father gave a testimony in church while shading tears of where he came from and how life was very difficult for him in the past, I was shocked because I had always thought he came from a wealthy family background and that was the reason he has a better life with his wife and children, i admired his courage on how he never gave up. My dear friend you don’t need to give up so soon because for long is not for ever, put yourself to work and bring out the best of life.

Let me give you some tips to help you move on

  1. Always think of how you can make an advancement from where your parents ended
  2. Your background should always be a multivating factor for you to work harder
  3. Always aim to be the one to correct certain situations in your family.
  4. And above all put God at the centre of all you do because he is the only one who can bless the works of your hands.

Make a positive decision today to work towards a better tomorrow.

Thank you for reading and hope you are encouraged. Please share with others after reading. Remember to stop by and check on new write ups.

Coming up next by the Grace of God will be “HAVE A PLAN”

May God Bless you .

Take a bold step

As young people, we are not where we want to be today because we are still to make that decision that will give more beauty to our lives. We harbour a lot of fear and doubts as to whether we can always make it, we fear to leave our comfort zones to explore new opportunities. We have our own dreams but we are the same people to counteract our own dreams and possibilities of becoming what we want to become. My friends if we want to be successful in life we need to take a bold step and go out of our comfort zones. Stop being so attached to your father’s money, your mother’s food, instead start preparing to take up family responsibilities in a short time to come,you can give allowance to your younger ones, surprise your mother with food money for a week, yes you can and I know it. If you feel its not working in your field of studies try something else, what about developing your passion, the fact that you read Political sciences in school does not mean you cannot become a designer, a song writer, a business man or women, and why not volunteering for a start and before you know it you are making the best out of life. Why not forget about the amount of money you receive at the job you are currently doing and gather the experience you need . The beginning is always difficult and frustrating. Yes I know you had a first class degree in your field of studies, you even have a masters degree and you visualize yourself in this big office with a huge pay package, but its not coming to pass, the jobs you come across the pay packages are horrible, my dear friend don’t forget to take that bold step and go for something new, it might end up taking you back to that banker you wanted to become after university. Let me share with you, all my years in school I was a brilliant student, I even graduated with a 2.1 in Accounting, but my friends after my first degree things were not as easy as schooling was, I remember I attended job interviews and they will tell me sorry you don’t meet the experience level we need, and to where I could even fit the needs you will hear interview questions like where is your village, I became tired of this experience thing and people making a mockery of me by telling me with all boldness you don’t suit. I decided to take a bold step and went for a job with a salary no one will ever imagine, just to get experience, I also did not stop there, I went into social work, that has been a passion in me, organizing community talks, talks at schools on health issues and many others, I decided to develop and build my passion. It was the greatest thing ever at that time. One of my focus was fighting stigmatization in all forms towards does infected with HIV/AIDS be it self stigmatization or external stigmatization. I took a bold step to invest in my passion and not cling solely to what I studied in school. That’s the problem we need to fight as young people, holding on to what we studied in school and forgetting to try something else which could even make us better, I did not say abandon what you studied in school but rather diversify and expand your scope. You will want to know where that landed me too, I will tell you. It gave me the opportunity to be a four years representative of young people of the United Methodist church in the world at the United Methodist Global AIDS Committee with headquarters in Atlanta, I could seat and discuss views on HIV/AIDS related topics with people who where old enough to be my grand parents, with United Methodist Bishops in the United States, I had the opportunity to meet members of leading agencies in the fight against HIV/ AIDS like Elizabeth Glaciers pediatric AIDS foundation, PEFAR and many more. You know why, I took a bold step, I needed some prove on social work to get me to that position and not the accounting I studied in University , you can do it and I am confident in that. So take that bold step and diversify. Remember when moses was leading the Israelites out of Egypt, they got to the read sea and where stuck, God asked Moses,” what do you have in your hand……” and the story continues, if God ask what you have in your hand, be ready to answer him, it must not be something physical like Moses had it may be your efforts and endeavours, then he will use it to make a way for you. You can do something with your time and remember to do your best when you get the opportunity to. Take that bold step now , I wish to see you at the top.

Remember to tell it all to our heavenly father as we go about our journey.

Journey with me as we make it to the top. I look forward to reading your comments and remember to share the link to encourage and challenge some one to take that bold step.